Child Custody

Child custody is difficult for everyone involved.

The best interest of the children is always the priority.

Whether it’s shared custody or determining which parent gets primary custody, the process should be kept civil and should cater to the children.

Proper Parenting Plans

The State of Texas requires that a parenting plan is completed.

Included in a parenting plan are:

  • Rights of each parent
  • Responsibilities of each parent
  • Visitation schedules
  • Child support agreements
  • Dispute resolution options

The court must approve the parenting plan and it will be made a court order upon approval. We will work out a feasible conservatorship and possession and access plan that benefits the children and both parents.

It is my job to ensure that your parenting plan is properly detailed and leaves no stone unturned. I will ask all of the difficult questions to ensure that nothing is missed. I will guide you through the process and provide the most solid guidance possible.

With my experience in child custody proceedings, I’ve learned what works best and when it’s pushing too far. My goal is to ensure that your children’s needs are met, your rights are protected and conflict is minimized.

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I Work for You and Your Children

I work for you and your children, not for myself.

It is my goal to help you resolve child custody issues as amicably and stress-free as possible. We will work together to propose reasonable terms for visitation, shared custody or other custody arrangements.

One of my goals is to help you, your children and your ex-partner to come to an agreement as quickly as possible. Prolonging the battle only causes more stress for both of you and the children.

Sometimes, we may need to go to court if your co-parent is unwilling to compromise. I will make sure you are informed every step of the way through every process to ensure that your anxiety is minimal.

Changing Custody Agreements

Custody agreements can be changed.

You must know, however, the other parent may not be willing to make any changes. Custody agreement changes may be needed if one parent needs to relocate, has fallen ill or financial situations have changed.

It is also important that all of the items of the court order are followed exactly as they are directed. Even if child support is not being paid, do not prevent the other parent from seeing his or her children.

If a custodial interference issue arises – call me first. I will guide you through resolving the issue.

Other Custody Concerns

I can also help you with re-establishing your parental rights if your custody has been compromised or questioned.

If you have been denied visitation with your child, I can help you through proper enforcement actions as well as alternative resolutions.

Do you or the other parent want to relocate? This may be a time sensitive issue that needs immediate attention. Contact me to get the ball rolling right away. In some cases, parents may agree on amending the custody agreement or visitation schedule if relocation is unavoidable.

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Sandra Fuentez has been successful in catering to my needs and goals regarding matters of family law. She is experienced and methodical. I would recommend Sandra’s services to anyone who is looking to navigate the waters of family law.

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