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As a family law attorney in Magnolia, TX, I’m proud to be a trusted and trustworthy resource for local folks struggling with difficult issues.

What to Expect from your Divorce Lawyer

Divorce isn’t something that any couple wants to experience, but sometimes a couple just needs to go their separate ways.

Experience and reputation matters when you are looking for a divorce attorney. A local, private practice may suit your needs better. I maintain a small caseload so that every client gets the time he or she needs.

Working with larger firms or even nationwide firms, you may be just another client. It may be difficult to get in touch with your attorney. Many attorneys just go through the motions of filing paperwork, mediating and going through the motions of divorce court.

In Montgomery County, you can rest assured that I will be with you every step of the way while providing tools to help you cope with life after divorce. As your divorce lawyer, I’ll listen and help you devise a plan to rebuild your life.

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Finding the Right Person to Represent You

Did you try finding a divorce lawyer on Google?

You can easily complete a Google search for divorce lawyers near me and get a big list of names. You can go a step further and add family law divorce lawyers near me to refine the search a little. Either way, you’ll end up with a big list of attorneys to choose from, and this may just be too overwhelming during a stressful time in your life.

Start by looking for me, Sandra Fuentez of the Fuentez Law, PLLC. You’ll notice that my rating is 5-stars. This is because I work hard and fight hard for every single client.

What makes me different than other divorce law attorneys? I listen to what you need. My customer service is personalized to your specific situation. I am there to support you from start to finish. You aren’t just a number or just another client, you are a person with individual needs and I strive to provide the best service possible to make the end of your marriage a little less painful.

When Children are Involved

I am a voice of reason.

Maintaining the mental, physical and emotional health of any children that may be involved is a priority. My goal is to minimize the impact of the divorce on your children. It may give children anxiety just entering a family law courtroom.

I will use my tools to help your children stay as strong as they can through this process. I’ll also help you stay strong. Divorce impacts the entire family.

My Commitment to My Clients

I am available to answer all of your questions.

I am committed to being the best divorce law attorney that I can be. I am committed to listening, supporting and getting you through the divorce as quickly as possible in the calmest way possible. An amicable divorce is what most couples want, and it can be amicable when the right approaches to mediation are taken.

Please call my office at 713-397-2278 to discuss your pending divorce. We can schedule a time for you to visit my Magnolia, Texas office for a face-to-face consultation to discuss your options.

Sandra Fuentez has been successful in catering to my needs and goals regarding matters of family law. She is experienced and methodical. I would recommend Sandra’s services to anyone who is looking to navigate the waters of family law.

~ J.E., a satisfied former client of Fuentez Law

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