Enforcement of Court Orders

Making court orders work for you.

Those found in violation of the order face punishment until they comply with the order.

If you believe that a violation to a divorce decree or other family law court order has been violated, contact me to discuss options for enforcement of court orders.

An alleged offender can challenge the motion for enforcement.

In our discussion, we can talk about what the existing order says, why the other party is in violation and what the best course of action to take is.

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Types of Family Court Orders that are Enforced

Whether or not you worked with me on your original family court case, I can help you with having that order enforced.

Enforceable family court orders include:

  • Child custody orders
  • Child support orders
  • Divorce decrees
  • Alimony (spousal maintenance)
  • Visitation orders
  • Divisions of assets and debts

I can help those that are seeking enforcement and those that are appealing a motion for enforcement.


In order to move forward with the enforcement of court orders, we need to determine if a clear violation has taken place.

There are rules outlining what constitutes a violation and how each situation can be remedied.

I will review the existing order and the reason for the claim of a violation. From here, we can determine how to remedy the situation in the quickest way possible.

If you are in violation of a court order, I will work hard to help you understand what your responsibilities are regarding the order. I will help you understand how and why a motion to enforce the order was made. It is also my job to listen to your reasoning for violating the order and explain how the order could have been misunderstood. I will also help you create a plan for fixing the issue so that you can become compliant as quickly as possible.

It is imperative that we get your paperwork completed properly. Ample evidence and specific details must be given in enforcement cases. The rules in Texas for these cases is very specific and precise. Before filing an enforcement motion or appeal, we will go over all of your paperwork detail-by-detail to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

Requesting Enforcement

If someone violates a court order, it places them in contempt of court.

When you work with me on your enforcement case, I will discuss all of the available options with you. From here, we need to file a motion for enforcement. A date to appear in court will be set.

I can also help those filing enforcement requests with:

  • Delivery of legal notices to the violating party
  • File petitions to modify court orders
  • Request compensation for my fees and court costs when they apply
  • Determine an alternative resolution option (this avoids going to court when both parties can come to an agreement)
  • If necessary, I can file an order for capias (arrest) and set a bond

The State of Texas outlines specific actions and behaviors that fall under means for contempt of court violations. We must follow these rules from the beginning of your motion until it is complete.

Many issues of enforcement and compliance are time-sensitive. Call me, Sandra Fuentez of the Fuentez Law, PLLC in Magnolia, Texas at (713) 397-2278 to schedule a time to discuss your motion for enforcement or appeal of motion of enforcement case.

Sandra Fuentez has been successful in catering to my needs and goals regarding matters of family law. She is experienced and methodical. I would recommend Sandra’s services to anyone who is looking to navigate the waters of family law.

~ J.E., a satisfied former client of Fuentez Law

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