Modification of Court Orders

When situations change, modification of court orders may be necessary.

I help those that are petitioning the change and those responding to the change request.

With my help, the process can be handled quickly and with as little stress as possible.

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Requesting a Modification

When you need to request a modification to court orders in the Magnolia, Texas area, call me to discuss the right course of action.

You can modify divorce decree Texas and other court orders such as child support and visitation schedules.

We will file the necessary paperwork with the court that issued the initial order. We will discuss changes in your situation as well as your goal for the modification. It may take more time to modify divorce decree Texas since assets and property are typically divided during divorce proceedings.

To determine if a modification of child support is feasible, I will look at the last time the amount was calculated and if the paying parent’s amount would change by 20% or $100. This will help me determine if a modification of child support is feasible. In regards to child custody, we can discuss the concerns or situation you and the child’s other parent are experience and devise a plan for the best course of action together.

Visitation schedules may need to be made just to stay in-line with the child’s needs. Their interests and needs change as they age. Children that are at least 12-years-old can discuss their needs and preferences with me and the court. Their wishes should be considered too.

Knowing When a Modification Makes Sense

I will help you understand when a modification of court orders makes sense and when it might be frivolous.

Of course, the needs of you and your children always come first. I can explain why an informal agreement may not be the best idea as one party may not hold up their end of the agreement.

While you and I may think that your modification is needed, the court may see it a different way. This is why it is my job to ensure that your modification request makes sense before we move forward.

If you have recently signed a divorce decree but realize later that something was missing or just wish you hadn’t, we can discuss filing for an appeal of the decree. Following a messy divorce, the last thing you want to do is go back to court – but sometimes it’s just necessary.

I will listen to your needs and provide the most solid guidance possible. Listening and providing a personalized experience for every client is important to me. I want to be the attorney you come back to should you have additional needs regarding child custody, divorce decrees, visitation schedules, child support and anything related to family or divorce law.

Call me, Sandra Fuentez of the Fuentez Law, PLLC to schedule an appointment. I can be reached at (713) 397-2278 I will offer answers to your questions, suggest the best methods to move forward and do my best to help you feel comfortable about moving forward with your case. Resolving issues quickly and without conflict is possible when the right approach is taken.

Sandra Fuentez has been successful in catering to my needs and goals regarding matters of family law. She is experienced and methodical. I would recommend Sandra’s services to anyone who is looking to navigate the waters of family law.

~ J.E., a satisfied former client of Fuentez Law

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