The results of a paternity test can change a person's life forever. 

While some results are merely for legal purposes, others can be shocking.

I am here to help mothers, fathers, and children.

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I am here to help mothers, fathers, and children.

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Establishing Who the Father of Your Child Is

In some cases, biological testing needs to be conducted for child support purposes.

This also helps establish rights and responsibilities for the father.

Fathers may request biological testing to have a relationship with their child. Fathers may also be unsure if a child is theirs.

Mothers often request testing to prove a biological father’s status. In some cases, there may be more than one option of who the father could be and we will explore all options to determine who the child’s father is.

Paternity issues are complex in the State of Texas. I can confidently guide you through the process.


If you are unsure if a child is yours, contact me to discuss having a test done. If you are contesting that you are the father, the test will provide a definite answer.

Should the results show that you are not the father, this information can be forwarded to the mother and/or court (if child support proceedings have been started).

As a father, you are obligated to provide financial support to your child. It is also your right to spend time with that child and have a say in making decisions for your child.

There may also be situations where a father may want to terminate his parental rights. I can also guide you through this process while ensuring that it is the decision that you wish to make.


It can be hurtful if you know who the father of your child is but he denies that he is.

Contacting me to schedule the test and preparing to motion the court for financial support and/or a structured visitation schedule can ease some of your stress.

I understand the delicacy of the situation and want to help you and your child get the answers you need.

You can still call me for help if you aren’t entirely sure who the father is. If there is more than one possibility, we’ll discuss the details. We can request tests one at a time, which may prolong the amount of time it takes to determine the father or request tests from all of the options at one time.

Once the father has been determined, we can discuss how to move forward and develop a plan that is feasible for everyone.

If two adults are married when a child is born, it is automatically assumed that the husband is the father. If an extramarital affair took place, establishing biological responsibility is ideal. These results will be important during divorce proceedings (should a divorce be the end result).

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